Where to get statutory declaration

Where can I find statutory declaration templates? What is statutory decloration? How do I get a statutory declaration form? There are types of statutory declarations (or stat decs) — Commonwealth and state and territory statutory declarations.

We only give information about Commonwealth statutory declarations. Note: it is a chargeable offence to intentionally make a false statement in a declaration. The normal rules for making a statutory declaration in person still apply, but now you can also do it using an audio-visual link with an authorised witness. A statutory declaration is a written statement which a person swears, affirms or declares to be true in the presence of an authorised witness — usually a JP, lawyer or notary public. The next step is to have the statutory declaration witnessed by one of the many people authorised to do so, such as a: dentist.

Before you sign the form and fill in the date and place, you need to find an authorised witness. Who can be a witness. Only some people can witness a statutory.

Templates for a statutory declaration are also available in either PDF form or editable DOC form on the NSW Department of Justice website. NSW statutory declaration – Eighth Schedule – PDF. You may obtain the form free of charge from the State Courts, Supreme Court, relevant ministries, statutory boards or organisations where the statutory declaration is intended to be used.

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Where to get statutory declaration

You will generally need a statutory declaration when you are unable to provide certain evidence to support your TSS visa application. Visit the website of the department or agency that requested the declaration to see if a form is available. Alternatively, your local library may be able to help you print the form. Using a black or blue pen , fill out your Name, Address and Occupation, and then write your declaration in the space provided.

These may be downloaded free-of-charge from the CCDC website. STATUTORY DECLARATION I (Full name) of (address) do solemnly and sincerely declare that: (Occupation) I acknowledge that this declaration is true and correct and I make it in the belief that a person making a false declaration is liable to the penalties of perjury. A Solicitor Will Answer You Now! It is usually used for matters outside of court such as providing a factual statement to a government agency as part of an application for an immigration visa.

Where to get statutory declaration

If you are unsure if you should use an affidavit or a statutory declaration. The most secure digital platform to get legally binding, electronically signed documents in just a few seconds. Available for PC, iOS and Android. Start a free trial now to save yourself time and money! You will also find a template for your declaration on that page.

Use only the latest version of Adobe Reader to complete the declaration. Avoid completing the declaration online within your web browser using a built-in PDF viewer, or by using MAC Preview (Macintosh OS). It has to be signed in the presence of a solicitor, commissioner for oaths or notary public. Statutory Declaration – Queensland. How many parties are involved in this process?

Where to get statutory declaration

The person making the statement must sign it to confirm that they’re telling the truth. They sign it in front of someone who has the legal authority to take oaths or affirmations. Do you need assistance with a statutory declaration or affidavit? Affidavits need to be verified by oath or by solemn affirmation.

In certain circumstances and on certain other types of documents, a statutory declaration must be used instead to verify the contents. This practice note looks at what is involved in preparing the relevant documents and administering oaths, affirmations and statutory declarations. You may also obtain a copy from most court houses and police stations.