What food can i post to new zealand

Equipment, clothing, and wooden items 3. See full list on mpi. The tool will also tell you whether there are any weight or quantity restrictions. It applies only to private consignments (goods or items for personal use).

Remember, all risk items brought into New Zealand need to be declared on your Passenger Arrival Card or postal dec. Information in this tool is no guarantee your goods will be given clearance.

Biosecurity New Zealand disclaims all responsibility for any error or other issues with this information. We are not liable if you choose to rely on the information in the tool, which is only a guide about private consignments. Check our importing section to find out about commercial. We welcome your feedback about this tool.

If your mail item is held because it poses a biosecurity risk, you should get a letter from MPI explaining your options. Consumer: up to NZ$10can be sent. What foods can you bring into New Zealand?

What is most popular food in new zealand?

The New Zealand delivered hampers above include alcohol, non alcholic, sweet, savoury and indulgent food and drink treats, all delivered on a date of your choice to your Kiwi friends and family in New Zealand. Most canned foods are permissible as long as they don’t weight more than a total of 2kg. Take Note that fruit, vegetables, plant material, meat and fish are not able to be brought into New Zealand. International Courier does not deliver to a Post Office Box or Poste Restante. Any item containing perishable biological substances will immediately be returned to the.

New Zealand Post advises that all items are screened upon arrival in the country. Succulent and tender, roast lamb is a Kiwi favourite. Best enjoyed flavoured with rosemary and plenty of seasonal veggies, roast lamb is a meal that is sure to impress. Now saved mainly for special occasions, foods cooked in a hangi include chicken, pork and mutton, as well as various vegetables. One of the best places to enjoy this cultural feast is Rotorua, in the central North Island book yourself in for a Māori cultural experience.

You might also get to savour a delicious hāngī-steamed pudding for dessert. Freshly-caught snapper, terakihi and hoki are the most common types of fish use which is then battered and deep-fried. Scallops and squid rings are also often included. Kiwis are passionate about good ice cream – hokey pokey (creamy vanilla ice cream with pieces of honeycomb) anyone?

A meringue-based dessert thats topped with cream and fresh fruit, pavlova is a permanent fixture at the Christmas table. For something a bit healthier, you cant go past the delicious kiwifruit small and furry and green on the inside, it’s best eaten by scooping the sweet, juicy flesh out of the middle. The Jaffa, a hard coated orange flavoured candy with a chocolate centre, is a must for every Kiwi lolly jar.

We even celebrate this unique Kiwi treat each year when thousands of Jaffas are raced down Dunedin’s Baldwin St, the steepest street in the worl as part of the annual Cadbury Chocolate Carnival. New Zealanders also love their pavlova. Baked goods are allowed as long as they don’t contain fresh fruit, raw nuts and fillings such as meat or whole egg. Having never seen or tasted New Zealand food , I can state unequivocally that Mexican food is better. Postage and Shipping Christmas New Zealand.

Depending on the variety, it can also contain onion, cheese and mushrooms. As usual when we travel, we go for self catering and I will pack food stuff for at least days supply for the family, enough before we can find the local supermarket. The most popular snack is onion dip! NZ is VERY strict and has so many restrictions on food.

All food has to be declared. If you do send it, make sure you declare it. Because New Zealand is an island nation, there are several restrictions on what can be brought into the country. When shipping with , there are also items that we choose not to carry.

To find out whether the contents of your package are allowed in New Zealand , or whether will carry it, you can check the New Zealand customs page or ’s.