Vietnam visa exemption

Notes on visa exemptions : As of Mar. Foreign passports are exempt from visa requirements to Phu Quoc island for no longer than days. APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) holders. See full list on myvietnamvisa. In fact, it has one of the strictest visa policies in Asia.

Comparatively, Indonesia grants visa exemption to 1different nationalities.

The exemption is valid for up to 1consecutive days of stay. A visa is required if going outside the island. Visa exemption paper (VEP) is. But almost is not all. There are a very small number of exceptions for diplomats on official business.

Vietnam visa exemption 1. North Asia countries: Japan, Korea. NOT within days from their last exit date with visa exemption.

If they transit through other. Citizens of Brunei and Myanmar are. The maximum period of exemption is years and must be month shorter than the validity of the current valid passport. During the exemption perio the person can travel in and out of the country without a tourist visa. You can apply by mail or in person.

According to the Resolution No. The duration of stay differs from country to country. Legal basis The Decree No. More importantly, the 5- year exemption paper allows them to stay days for each trip. The citizens of Armenia, Algeria, Argentina,.

This visa waiver program is. These are NOT the same size as U. Having passport of at least year of validity. Those who are not eligible for visa exemption certificate. Passport with validity at least months.

Increasing Number of Visit. The decision to extend the visa exemption program was made because of the increasing. Tourists think that getting visa is a procedure wastes of time and money.

Even before this 15-day visa exemption, certain nationalities were allowed in with more relaxed terms (more extended stay), including Finland. A gap of at least days between two visa-free visits is required. However, there are some limitations that are stated on the visa policies that need to be followed by the nationals of the countries who are eligible for a free entry. Date of entry into force.

EXEMPTION OF ENTRY VISA TO VIETNAM. Ordinary (for official purpose) Ordinary. Kê khai và nộp hồ sơ.

FREE of charge (you still need to apply for the visa , but you are not charged for a visa fee), provided that you are: a. The above-mentioned measures do not apply to people on entry for diplomatic or official duty purposes.