Thetford fridges problems

The first time this happened I put it down to the fact that one of the vans sharing the EHU had moved off that day and. We have a thetford way fridge that keeps freezing our food especially liquids such sa milk and juice In most cases the thermostat is not operating as it should. First see if the probe is still in its clip on the fins of the evaporator (the thing in the back) if it is still in position the thermostat is most likely bad. Im in Wales on holiday just now and the fridge is playing up on electricity (I havent tried gas yet).

On electric the heat out of the vent is hot, but not excessively so.

The problem is the design of the exhaust pipe. It allows the wind to blow directly down the pipe which eventually extinguishs the flame. Thetford are good at making toilets, not fridges. Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s go back to basics.

A Technician Will Answer You Now! Questions Answered Every Seconds. Be Connected Online in Minutes! It looks like they are redesigning the circuit board.

This video shows you how to diagnose each error. Fridge started and cooled down OK then cut out,,,, main power light is red. This refrigerator uses either propane gas or electricity for power. Dometic are very good at fridges , not toilets.

If the refrigerator is operated on liquid propane at higher altitudes, burner outages may occur. If the fridge still doesn’t get cold then the problem could be a blockage in the coolant system. See Blockage in the caravan fridge coolant system below.

Caravan fridge not working or getting cold when running on gas: Is the caravan level in all directions? Are the 24v mains and 12v switches turned off? Check to see if the fridge works on 12volt, if it does then as Navver said first check that the fuses and MCB is ok.

Do the testing of the fridges on the manual mode ¾On Gas Injector of the burner is clean. Flame is dense and blue. This causes the liquids in the cooling system to separate out correctly (or something like that). Best wishes to you all, on our way down south to the New Forrest Rallie this week but have just discovered our thetford fridge will not ignite on Gas Mode, it works on 240v and 12v but when switching it over to gas we can hear the pilot light clicking continues clicking and will light up ok for about secs.

The fridge wont cool on electric , gas or 12v. The LED display works perfectly and lets you know that you are connected to whichever power you choose. If after checking these simple troublshooting tips your refrigerator is still not functioning correctly, please consult the manufacturer.

Improper installation, adjustment, alteration, service or maintenance can cause personal injury or property damage. Refer to this manual. Set the refrigerator controls to “OFF”.

Unplug the refrigerator through the service vent on the outside of the vehicle. Kenmore an ohms reading. The LCD display flashed for an instant and has been completely dead since with no display of any sort, also no signs. Hi All, I have just had my 1litre volt element upgraded as the freezer would melt on auto on long journeys, but now have another query?

The gas control valve pressure test point nut may not be correctly tightened it could cause a gas leak, potentially leading to a fire. Having occurred again looks like it’s going to need something more fundamental to clear the problem. The control panel allows you to select the preferred energy source and cooling level. This sensor would detect a buildup of heat, indicating a breach.

If detecte it would cut off power to the refrigerator control board and shut down the fridge automatically. Most RV refrigerators operate on either 110v AC or propane gas. Some also operate on 12v DC, as well.

If you’ve come here to find help with your RV refrigerator not cooling or your RV fridge not working at all, then the following steps will help you localize the problem , and (hopefully) get you back up and running at little or no expense.