The latter

How to use the latter in a sentence. English dictionary definition of latter. Being the second of two persons or things mentioned: Regarding captain and major, the latter rank is higher. What does latter and former mean?

Can latter be used of more than two? Latter definition is – belonging to a subsequent time or period : more recent.

Technically, the latter is a term used to describe or refer to the last spoken or mentioned noun in a sentence listing or containing many nouns. For example, in the sentence My friends are Tom,. Former refers to the first of a set, while latter refers to the secon or last , item. They usually appear in the sentence immediately following the sequence they are describing. Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus related words, definitions, and antonyms.

Find another word for latter. Latter : following all others of the same kind in order or time. Latter also refers to the second of two persons or things already mentioned.

Former directs us to the first of these two things, and latter directs us to the second (or last) of them. Do not use former or latter when you are writing about more than two things. An example of latter is 11:PM when the party started at 7:PM. Synonyms for the latter in Free Thesaurus.

Antonyms for the latter. Like former, latter is also an absolute adjective, and it can function as a noun in sentences. Brigham Young University, Harold B. Latter -day definition is – of present or recent times.

I could either go and read a book or fap. Definition of Latter. Examples of Latter in a sentence. My favorite fruits are apples and watermelon, especially the latter on a hot summer day.

When Fred’s manager offered him a promotion or a raise, he quickly took the latter because he needed the extra money. It’s also important to remember to use both of these words only in a sequence of two items. If the list has three or more items, these words won’t make sense. Latter means being the second of two persons or things mentioned. Latter subsequently took on the meaning “the second of two people or things.

It is important, because in the latter days Jesus Christ will return to the earth and it is the time period we are living in now.

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We also see that the “latter rain” (the end-times outpouring) would be greater than the “former rain. In the same spirit may we consider the early and latter rain, the second of the two images employed by the prophet Hosea. Now, we read about the former and the latter rain in other parts of Scripture as well as in Hosea.

Rain typifies and sets forth Divine influence and grace.