The ladder phrase

The ladder phrase

Ladder, as a noun, usually means a portable device with rungs or steps that enables one to climb up or down. The hierarchy of authority and earning power within a large business or corporation, likened to the rungs of a ladder. Usually used with some variable verb or phrase referring to ascension. If you climb up the ladder or climb the ladder , you become more and more successful or important. He became the first man to climb the social ladder from a log cabin to the White House.

The ladder phrase

Latter not ladder , and it means the second of the two options. Being the second of two persons or things mentioned. Near or nearer to the end: the latter part of the book. Definition of ladder. What is another word for ladder?

A ladder is generally portable. Ladder is also used in British English to mean a run in a stocking. Ladders jobs pay 3x other job search sites. Present participle for to increase in value or standing.

For professional careers only. When former is used in the sense of former vs. Former means being the first of two persons or things mentioned. I was accepted to Harvard and Yale for college. The former school had cheaper tuition.

See full list on writingexplained. Just as former can function as both an adjective and noun, so can latter. Latter means being the second of two persons or things mentioned.

It comes from the comparative form of Old English laet: laetra, which meant “slower. Latter subsequently took on the meaning “the second of two people or things. We went to the beach with Steve and Susie, the latter of whom would not stop complaining. You need to replace the tie-rod or the ball joint, the latter of which being more exp. You might be tempted to use former and latter with more than just two items, and although this tendency comes to the surface every now and then—even in respectable sources—it should be avoided.

There are three flavors in Neapolitan ice cream, vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. WRONG)There are much cleaner and easier ways to convey the same message without confusing people. The word ladder is derived from the Old English word hlæder, which means steps. Explore 2Ladder Quotes by authors including Stephen Covey, Henry David Thoreau, and Mae West at BrainyQuote. Ladder definition is – a structure for climbing up or down that consists essentially of two long sidepieces joined at intervals by crosspieces on which one may step.

If you give someone a choice between things, say an apple and an orange, they will say I choose the latter, meaning the second choice, the. Used in a sarcastic sense. When someone gets something, but only for themselves, while leaving the rest of the group waiting for a kind gesture that never comes.

Word ladder (also known as Doublets, word-links, change- the -word puzzles, paragrams, laddergrams, or word golf) is a word game invented by Lewis Carroll. Meetings are every second Saturday of the month. As you can see, they are very different. In order to not confuse ladder and latter when you write, remember that latter is related to later.

The ladder phrase

Both have “T’s” in them.