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The time schedule for the RRV has just changed to – days, from – days. Not a big difference there so no worries. Things are very overwhelming from the internet so my wife and I were going to take a week trip to check things out (Im sure not enough time).

We also have boys 11to consider. Do you have any ideas o.

Permanent resident is the name given to a non-citizen who is the holder of a permanent visa. Nomination was approval in a week on March 08. Reapplied and given yrs. Runs out in but we have only managed a holiday within this time. Threads Tagged with resident return visa.

Has anyone on this forum already travelled with a RRV but without a sticker? Have there been any issues resulting from not having a sticker?

If your current visa with travel facility is nearing an expiry or have already expire apply for an RRV immediately. The RRVs under subclass 1and 1are permanent visas. Activity All Activity Search Our Picks More. Articles Visa Timelines. Australia Visa Timelines Tracker Money Transfers Removals.

Now I live in the United States with temporary work visa. It is strongly recommended to have a valid passport and. The expiry date, which is a whole years after your grant date, is the expiry of your travel facility and not your visa. I guess applying again for 1visa is an option. This is maybe not an option for us.

Completing your RRV application. Please do not provide your personal details on a public forum. Generally the processing time is from days to days where the percent to percent of the subclass 1visa is processed.

I am single at the moment but my sister and my two nieces live with me. I work for a British private company and so I have to frequently make trips out of the country.

Ask a question, respond. In that circumstance you apply for a resident return visa , which extends your ability to travel. Use the link in the post above for details. See this resource on the OzKiwi website for more information. Resident Return Visa subclasses 1and 157: Subclass 1Resident Return visa.

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However, my Aussie PR has expired and donno what I can do or should do to get my PR back as I have no valid PR to enter into the country of. Once the travel facility expires you will need to apply for, and be grante another permanent visa if. It is relevant for the people who have not met the criterion of the Residents Return Visa subclass 155. Visa 1is granted only for three months on the condition that you have failed meeting the requirements of the subclass 155.

Since March I am doing the full time job in the field of IT Applications. You cannot apply for Returning Resident Visa simply because you wanted to stay abroad for a long time, rather than you unexpectedly needed. Information about visiting Canada and Temporary Resident Visas.