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We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Step 1: F ill in the online form. Renewals are not required at this time for clearances that were to expire between these dates. Can NSW work with children? How to renew working with children check?

Do you need a working with children check in New South Wales?

How long is my Childs check card valid? New authorised carers who are self-isolating or minimising travel and contact with others will not be required to visit a Service NSW Centre to prove their identity when apply for a Working with Children Check (WWCC). Find out about Working with Children Check Clearances (WWCC), a mandatory requirement for teacher accreditation. NESA is regularly updating its advice as the coronavirus outbreak unfolds.

If you’ve kept your details up to date, then Working with Children Check Victoria will remind you to renew days before your check expires. You can renew your check from months before to months after it expires. If your check is more than months expire then you can’t renew. A WWCC involves a National Police Check (criminal history record check ) and a review of reportable workplace misconduct.

The outcome of a check is either a clearance to work with children , or a bar against working with children.

If cleare a check is valid for years, however cleared applicants are continuously monitored. The Working with Children Check card is valid for five years unless surrendered or revoked. People visiting Western Australia who engage in child-related work will be exempt from registration for a working with children check during the first two weeks after arrival, and for no more than two weeks in any month period.

ACIC requires these higher standards to minimise the risk of identity theft and to further protect the safety of children. Individuals with a WWC number that is about to expire will be able to submit a renewal application online within three months of their expiry date. You can apply for a new working with children check when your current clearance is months away from expiring.

You will be required to pay an $fee if you are a paid worker. Applicants are required to provide (four) proof of identity documents. There is no fee for volunteers, however proof of identity is still required.

Use the information on this page to decide if you or your workers or volunteers need a Check. Working with Children Checks and Other Police Checks SummaryThis Policy Directive outlines the mandatory requirements for National Police Checks (NPCs) and Working with Children Checks (WWCCs) for persons engaged or employed within NSW Health and for persons seeking to be employed or engaged in NSW Health. Submit your online renewal form. Save a copy of your lodgement receipt and application. This receipt allows you to continue your child-related work , should your WWC Card expire before an outcome is known.

This guideline outlines the following processes: 1. Renewing your WWCC 3. If you don’t renew your WWCC by expiry date 4. Working With Children Check process, please refer to the procedure.

NSW OCG Face-to-face Training suspended due to COVID-19. All NSW OCG face-to-face training has been suspended until further notice. In the meantime, free online training is available for Child Safe programs. FIND A nsw CLUB Find A nsw COACH Contact Us. Applying for a Working with Children Check.

This is the same process as a first application. We recommend that card holders check the WWC Check website to determine if they are eligible to renew online. For more information about the online renewal application please click here.