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In a probate case , an executor (if there is a will) or an administrator (if there is no will) is appointed by the court as personal representative to collect the assets, pay the debts and expenses, and then distribute the remainder of the estate to the beneficiaries (those who have the legal right to inherit), all under the supervision of the court. An executor or administrator is the “seller” in a probate sale in California. The probate process is like a non-probate home selling and home buying, with the exceptions discussed below. It’s not a job for your average realtor, who typically handles traditional sales.

Nicholas Realty is an independent real estate brokerage specializing in probate real estate sales. Under certain circumstances, the estate ’s executor may need to get approval from the probate court to sell the property at a lower value. If the deceased person owned assets in joint tenancy with someone else, or as survivorship community property with his or her spouse, or in a living trust, those assets won’t need to go through probate.

The same is true for assets held in a revocable living trust and accounts for which a payable-on-death beneficiary has been named. If probate is necessary, someone must come forward to start the process. If there’s a will, the executor named in the will should get the ball rolling.

If there’s no will, or the person named to serve as executor isn’t available, then usually a family member asks the court to be appointed as the “administrator” of the estate. The executor’s job will probably last six months to a year. Probate isn’t always necessary. In most states, lawyers charge by the hour or collect a flat fee for probate work. See full list on nolo.

Not so in California. It’s one of only a few states that let lawyers charge a “statutory fee”—an amount that is a percentage of the value of the assets that go through probate. The percentages are set out in state statutes.

Here are the current rates: 1. Unless people are fighting over the estate, probate is largely a matter of paperwork. Still, having forms and knowing what to do with them are different things. For more than years, the single best source of guidance for conducting a probate court proceeding with.

An Inventory and Appraisal (form DE-160) of all real property owned by the decedent in California. You will need to get this form signed by a probate referee. If there is no real property , then you do not need this form. Have the affidavit notarized. At your death, your successor trustee will be able to transfer it to the trust beneficiaries without probate court proceedings.

If you own property jointly with someone else, and this ownership includes the right of survivorship, then the surviving owner automatically owns the property when the other owner dies. Property owned in joint tenancy automatically passes to the surviving owners when one owner dies. Joint tenancy often works well when couples (married or not) acquire real estate , vehicles, bank accounts or other valuable property together. No probate is necessary.

Community property with right of survivorship. At your death, the beneficiary can claim the money directly from the bank without probate court proceedings. People commonly hold brokerage accounts this way.

If you register an account in TOD (also called beneficiary) form, the beneficiary you name will inherit the account automatically at your death. These deeds are sometimes called beneficiary deeds. You sign and record the deed now, but it doesn’t take effect until your death. If you register your vehicle this way, the beneficiary you name will automatically inherit the vehicle after your death. California allows you to leave real estate with transfer-on-death deeds.

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