Pensioner concession card for non pensioners

Can I get a pensioner Concession card? What is pension concession card? Are there pensioner concessions available on your greenslip? Commonwealth Seniors Health Card. Low Income Health Care Card.

Apply for Concessions and Seniors Card.

To check your eligibility and entitlements visit Transport for NSW. The main purpose of the PCC is to assist pensioners and selected benefit recipients with certain living costs, by allowing access to specific services at a concessional rate. PCCs issued by us are the same as those issued by Services Australia. The option to defer rates may be available if the required criteria is met. Receive a rebate on water usage charges, limited to a. You may be eligible to receive both but you can only receive one $7payment in each round.

If you are an eligible pensioner , you may be entitled to a once-only: exemption from duty when you buy a home valued at $330or less, or concession from duty when you buy a home valued from $330to $75000. They not only lost their small part pension but the PCC as well.

Those effected will have to wait till the next Federal to show their displeasure. The Department of Veterans’ Affairs are responsible for White, Gold and Orange Cards. You do not need to do anything to get a PCC.

If you lose your PCC, or don’t have one and think you shoul you can contact us. Complete the form and send it to this department at the address listed on the form. We will check your concession card details with Centrelink and provide the concession as a rebate. With a Gold Opal card , eligible customers can tap onto the Opal network and travel for no more than $2. Visiting NSW – apply for an Opal card two weeks prior to travel.

A range of concessions are available to all Victorians who are on low incomes or experiencing hardship and need help meeting the cost of living. Safety Net Concession Card or Safety Net Entitlement Card — issued by Services Australia. Under the Reciprocal Health Care Agreements, visitors from participating countries (see the introduction of this section for the list of countries) are treated as general patients and do not have concessional entitlements. Video: The postie then rides away and the Concession stamp now appears in the middle of the screen.

This turns into many stamps. Audio: The price of concession stamps will remain at $0. Pensioner Concession Card Purpose of Card. A sound plays for the purchase. Sounds play for the laptop.

Please note that the account or bill of the person obtaining the concession must be in the name of the primary concession card holder.

Each State Government has different guidelines about the eligibility for energy. These discounts can amount to considerable savings over the year and can be just as valuable as income support payments. To use your entitlements you will need to have a valid Concession Card or letter at the time of ticketing and during travel. Vodafone: Seniors card holders can claim a discount on select Vodafone’s plans. Visit the website to find out which plans are currently eligible for a discount.

Terms and conditions apply. To receive a concession on water service charges, an applicant must own and occupy the property as their ordinary place of residence at the date of application and be the holder of a valid. The rebate is percent of the total rates and charges, up to the maximum State Government rebate amount of $241. We’ll put you in touch with our customer advocacy team, who’ll help you apply for the scheme. Concession card holders who use liquid petroleum gas (LPG), firewoo or other sources of non -mains energy for heating, cooking and hot water can apply for the Non -mains energy concession.

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