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John Hooper’s Female Pills, and Roche’s Herbal Embrocation. Since then the Smithsonian’s. The items seen here are from collections open to the public for research and represent only a small portion of our materials related to patent medicine. Explore the exhibit by using the navigation bar.

The Patent Medicine Museum contains many artifacts of the A. Seelye Medical Company.

Best known cure-alls included Wasa-Tusa, Fro-zona, and Ner-vena. In ancient times, such medicines were called nostrum remedium, our remedy in Latin, hence the name nostrum. What is patent medicine history? Where did the term patent medicine come from?

If you are ever in the Saint Peter area be sure to stop by to see the various patent medicines on display at Soderlund Village Drug. The patent medicine trade was very lucrative, encouraging many enterprising individuals to launch their own brands. Balm of America was a typical American patent medicine , produced by Boston pharmacist Thomas Hollis in the 19th century.

Patent medicines in the th and th Centuries claimed to cure everything from acne to xenophobia and they didn’t taste too bad either.

Brown’s Adhesive Poultice ad. They didnrsquo;t. History of the Comstock Patent Medicine Business and Dr.

Abilene High School is a fully accredited public high school located in Abilene, Kansas, United States, serving grades 9-12. Cardui was a 38-proof patent medicine made from the late 19th century through the twentieth by the Chattanooga Medicine Company, of Chattanooga, Tennessee (U.S.A.). The box containing the bottle appears below. Fellows’ Compound Syrup of Hypophosphites. BV Museum Collection.

Shockingly, this popular patent medicine contains strychnine, a highly toxic substance commonly found in rat poison and other pesticides! In high doses, strychnine is very toxic to humans and poisoning by inhalation, swallowing, or absorption through eyes or mouth. Part of the donation of SarahAnne Hazelwood to this museum , much of it patent medicine and old medical equipment, was a very interesting biography and study of Mrs. Advertising campaigns capitalized on fear, depicting death, suffering, and evil at the hands of regular doctors.

Focus areas are It Happened in Marshall, Things Made in Marshall, Community Life, and Marshall in the Civil War. The Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Shop is now a museum , and its rich collection includes over 0objects such as pill rollers, mortars and pestles, drug mills, and glassware as well as journals, letters, and day books. Original furnishings with patent medicines, potions and herbs still remain in place.

Grace Feder Thompson, of San Francisco, looked for mail-order patients to cure by a method not revealed in the letter below. Pepper and Hires Root Beer began as patent medicines.

Miles’ Compound Extract of Tomato – known today, generically, as ketchup. See our fascinating collection of patent medicine sold by snake-oil salesmen, original artwork and photographs. Musée McCord Cures and Quackery: The Rise of Patent Medicines-Virtual Tour! Cannabis as an Ingredient in Patent Medicines. The turn of the twentieth century brought great technical innovations, including the light bulb, radios and mechanical bottle making.

Glass products went from being hand blown and precious to stamped out and cheap. Leonard Ear Oil is the first patent medicine in the collection that I found that was condemned as useless by a. It was developed by The Getty Research Institute to help research institutions become consistent in the terminology they use. Historians commonly refer to the colorful therapeutic products from that era as “quack medicine ”. The Junior League had the responsibility of transforming the residence into a Victorian house museum.

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