International trademark search

Perform a trademark search by text or image in brand data from multiple national and international sources, including trademarks , appellations of origin and official emblems. The WIPO Lex database is a comprehensive search tool that allows you to search international treaties and national laws on intellectual property. The Global Brand Database is your gateway to more than 4430records from some national and international collections, and the first step in researching whether a mark similar or identical to yours already exists. International trademark search is also important for identifying the existence of similar or infringing marks abroad.

International trademark search

When planning to use a mark abroa a company will need to ensure that they do not use a trademark that is already registered in one or more of their operating countries. National and regional intellectual property offices have created a number of on-line trademark databases and have made them accessible to the public through their websites. WIPO has facilitated the access to these databases with a view to the prevention of domain name disputes.

Trademark Database Portal. The goal is to allow any person wishing to register a domain name in the gTLDs or ccTLDs to perform a trademark search , using this site, in the existing on-line trademark databases. Report that includes the search and analysis of the registration probabilities of a trademark.

The report is optional but highly recommended. Note that not all intellectual property offices and organizations have publicly accessible on-line trademark databases and that any searches using the links provided on this site will not be sufficient to determine definitively whether or not the domain name is infringing. See full list on wipo.

To do a keyword search , open the design search code manual and select “ keyword search” at the top. In the “design code or keyword” box, enter the design element you are looking for. For example, enter “house” if your trademark includes the word “house” or a design of a house. Then select the “submit query” button.

Licensed TM Attorneys. Profiled on NYTimes, IEEE. Instant Downloa Mail Paper Copy or Hard Copy Delivery, Start and Order Now! The detailed report identifies all matches, including full trademark registrations for international , federal, and state trademarks. Why run a search for similar trademarks ? Before spending your time and money filing an application you should do a search to see if your mark is already in use or registered by someone else.

Because the TESS database has records for millions of trademarks , you need a strategic approach to search effectively. Not all trademarks can be. Searches conducted by Bonamark. The international trademark search is not something that can be achieved simply by running a single search on a single database. It is a kind of doing multiple searches on various jurisdictions.

International trademark search

At the most, the searcher can do a trademark search on common search platform like the WIPO that pulls data from the principal registers of member. Careful revision by a trademark expert, that specializes in analyzing the strength of your trademark in its selected class(es) compared to your competitors is important as the number of objections and oppositions are increasing. Now we get 8, which is common.

A lot of searches will return hundreds or thousands of. In that case you will want to use additional parameters to narrow your search. The government has broken down all goods and services into different classes. Each record in TESS includes many important elements of the mark.

International trademark search

File a patent application online with EFS-web. TEASi international application priority deadline. Petition forms page using the basic application serial or registration number. This is our most comprehensive trademark search and is the search we always recommend.

It includes the Federal, state, Domain Name and expanded common law databases, which includes, Dun and Bradstreet, Brands and Their Companies, Thomas Register, Library of Congress, News File, Domain Names and Digital Common Law – Internet Content. Analogy In the majority of cases, there must also be a link between the goods and services that you offer, and those applied for in the potentially conflicting mark. In most jurisdictions, the products for which trademarks are registered are categorized using the product classes of the International Classification of Goods and Services under the Nice Agreement. USPTO during trademark registration.

International trademark search

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