How to edit your youtube channel on iphone

How do I customize my channel? How to customize my ? Can you customize your channel feed? Select the video you want to edit and upload. Change your channel description. Tap your profile picture.

How to edit your youtube channel on iphone

Please note it may take some time to appear your new photo on the channel. for FameBit for sponsorship opportunities! In this video, I will be showing you guys a hack on how to. Learn how to edit videos with the video editor! Use the new editor to easily edit , trim or splice your videos, completely online.

Like,Share,Subscribe. I recently updated my header image and wanted to control the color that. Customized channel layouts are recommended for creators who upload videos regularly.

How to edit your youtube channel on iphone

See customization options. Follow these steps to begin customizing the layout of your channel. I sell custom intros, outros, channel banners, etc.

Update your channel description and tap the check in the corner. Before you opt for one of the apps we’ve featured in our top list, you must first make sure that the app you’re interested in offers all the video editing tools you need to process the footage you recorded for your channel. On a computer, sign in to. New channel art: Near the top of the screen, click Add channel art.

How to edit your youtube channel on iphone

In the top right menu, select My Channel. Existing channel art: Hover your cursor over the existing banner until you see the edit icon. Click the icon and select Edit channel art. The built-in editor is no longer around.

But there are free alternatives for tweaking your videos. Here are some options on Windows 1 Apple iOS, and Android. This looks like a stack of rectangles with a Play button.

You can also edit or delete your old comments in seconds. Enter your new name and select OK. Next to your name, select Edit. Drag the left slider to the desired start position. Check out the following video from the Creators channel on how to change your channel name and description.

Videorama can fill that job. Open the app and pick a size for your video project—landscape, square, or. Back to the home page, you can click the editbutton on the top-right hand corner to choose Edit linksor directly click Aboutsection to find the Links part.

However, the tools they provide are too basic. FilmoraGo is a fun and powerful video editing app. Here, you can Fill Light, Add Contrast, or Increase or Decrease Saturation and Color Temperature.

Click on the Auto-Fix Button for adjusting light and color. When the dropdown menu opens, select the “ Studio (beta)” option. When the video editing page opens, go to the “Thumbnail” section. On the top right, tap your Profile picture or initial All your Brand Accounts.

How to edit your youtube channel on iphone

Make changes to your accounts Edit basic information. This option is near the top of the page. You can ad change , or remove basic info about your business or brand.