Hostplus electronic service address

For more information on what these details describe, please scroll down for a more detailed description. This generally takes the form of a URL or IP address, like the address used to access a website or computer. Electronic service address.

To receive SuperStream data your self-managed super fund (SMSF) needs an electronic service address. An electronic service address is an alias used by your SMSF. It represents the uniform resource locator (URL) or internet protocol (IP) address of a messaging provider.

SuperStream is a new electronic means to transfer information about superannuation contributions between employers and super funds. Get an electronic service address. If your self-managed super fund (SMSF) will receive contributions from employers (other than related-party employers), it needs to be able to receive the contributions and associated SuperStream data electronically. It can be used to determine abn, business name, address and status details. All invoices must bear an ABN number to be considered a valid invoice in Australia.

ABR is the Australian Business Registry service provided by the Australan government. Office in Melbourne, VIC. Sources: APRA and publicly available information. Most SMSFs will be using an SMSF Messaging Provider, either directly or via their SMSF administrator, to act as an intermediary between the employer and the fund.

Note that the ‘Account Information’ section of this page allows you to select the method to pay this particular fund. To be SuperStream compliant the payment method needs to be electronic. Terms and conditions for investing in the Choiceplus investment option. The ESA is used for the transfer of electronic data about contributions in the SuperStream system, and some other transactions for APRA funds. Hostplus contact details.

This register lists self-managed super fund (SMSF) messaging service providers who can provide your SMSF with an electronic service address (alias). See Notify us of changes for how to update your details. If your SMSF’s electronic service address is not active, your super contributions may not reach your SMSF and might be redirected to your employer’s default fund.

This is because the SMSF messaging provider is not expecting to receive a contribution message for your SMSF, and therefore the contribution message will be rejected. Here at HESTA, our customer service team is happy to help with any questions or requests. You can make a complaint in a number of ways.

When you have a concern, we listen. We can send notification and disclosures to you at a different electronic or postal address. EFT payment method The EFT payment method involves you logging into your own financial institution’s online banking site and making a payment using the instructions we provide within QuickSuper.

It is different to an e-mail address. An ESA can be obtained from a SMSF messaging provider or through a SMSF administrator, tax agent, accountant or bank at no cost or low cost. I have chosen an investment option and I understand that 1 of the balance of my Verve Super account will be invested in the option I chose. Your SMSF’s electronic service address (ESA), which will facilitate your employer’s super guarantee payments via the ATO’s SuperStream service. This service is explained later in this article.

You must also provide an accompanying document confirming that your SMSF is regulated. This document can be obtained from the Super Fund Lookup. Important information: Coronavirus early access to super.

The Federal Government has announced temporary measures for early access to super. Find all the super-related forms and information you need here in downloadable format to make the most of your superannuation. Cut Off Time means the time agreed between Westpac and you in the QuickSuper Employer Service Agreement with Westpac. Default Contributions are those superannuation contributions made to the Sponsoring Fund. EFT means electronic funds transfer from your account to Westpac via your online banking facility or via B PAY (where BPAY is made available).

BT Panorama SMSF is a flexible, integrated SMSF solution designed to suit your business model and the needs of your clients. Learn more about our end to end solution here. Front counter service. Note: All front counters apart from VIC are open.

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