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It lays out the conditions of your employment, covering everything from working hours through to salary and benefits. If you are looking to produce a contract of employment for employees , you can get a lot of help and downloads through the Government web site or regional and local bodies, such as business link, your local commercial solicitors will also be able to assist with all aspects of creating contracts and of representations either in carrying out employment litigation or defence. Our lawyers can help you at any stage of your employment : 1. Before you start your job We can help you negotiate and review your employment contract , as well as advise on restrictive covenants.

Disputes while employed Including disciplinary and grievance issues. Our team can advise on bullying, harassment, discrimination and family-friendly rights.

Issues with leaving If your employer has unfairly dismissed you, forced you out, or made you redundant, we can help you negotiate a suitable settlement agreement and severance package. Issues post-termination Your employment contract and other documents may contain restrictions on your future activity. We can advise on whether these restrictions are enforceable, or defend you if a breach of contract claim is made. See full list on irwinmitchell. We regularly help executives and professionals across a range of industry sectors.

Professionally regulated individual such as a solicitor 7. Doctor or healthcare professional. We have a large team of lawyers who are recognised as leaders in employment law. We offer practical, commercial advice that’s far more than just a narrow legal view.

For example – if there are post termination restrictions in your employment contract, we will advise on their enforceability, and about their impact on your future career. It’s important to negotiate with sensitivity – getting you what you want but without damaging the relationship with your employer. If it comes to it though, we’re experienced in tough negotiation and taking cases to the highest courts in the land. We’re not intimidated and regularly act against large corporations.

So whether you just want a second opinion on your employment contract, or representation in a complex dispute, we’re ready to support you. If you need advice on any aspect of employment law, our lawyers can help. Severance specifics, such as any financial amount or other benefit the employee may be entitled to upon their vacating their position. An employment contract is not always necessary.

The employment contract forms a fundamental relationship between the employer and the employee. Whilst … Is a contract of employment required? Our employment contract solicitors are employment law experts with huge experience in contract advice for employers – both writing contracts and advising on breach of employment contract issues.

We guarantee well-written contracts that are suitable for your organisation and clearly set out your employee’s terms and conditions. Slater and Gordon’s experienced solicitors are here to advise you on all aspects of employment contracts. Questions Answered Every Seconds. Employment Law Solicitors in London.

Instant Downloa Mail Paper Copy or Hard Copy Delivery, Start and Order Now! The published cases involving employment law and contracts usually involves the termination provision in the employment contract. Texas courts construe unambiguous contracts as a matter of law.

A contract of employment can be either written or verbal, however, at the very least an employee is entitled to a “written statement of particulars” of the terms of employment , after being employed for months and assuming that a contract of.

It will include an employment contract for employees, as well as a staff handbook, which will contain a disciplinary procedure policy, grievance procedure policy, sickness procedure. Our employment law solicitors can provide legal advice, answer any questions you might have, and can assist you through this complicated area of employment law. Redundancies and Redundancy Package Advice in Manchester. Our specialist team of employment solicitors can provide you with all employment contracts , policies and procedures necessary to suit the needs of your business, as well as providing you with invaluable advice on implementing, varying, updating and enforcing your contracts and policies, as the employment relationship progresses.

When employment disputes arise – from unfair dismissal to harassment in the workplace – you need help and advice from solicitors who understand every aspect of employment law. A Lawyer Will Answer in Minutes!